About Us

Cleanliness Enhances Productivity

The laziness, the dizziness, irritation, dust allergy, etc. are prevalent in places where regular cleaning is not done. As a result, the productivity of a business that operates in an unclean ambiance is always at the risk of deteriorating, thereby affecting the overall performance of the venture negatively. With 1A Cleaning, we have come up with the most effective cleaning services for commercial structures in Singapore with our areas of operation being Orchard, Raffles Place, Jurong, and Buona Vista. From office carpet cleaning services to the end of tenancy cleaning, we serve all your commercial cleaning needs.

Our Cleaners

With us, you have cleaners who are well-qualified, well-trained, and well-equipped with the usage of different cleaning tools. The team of cleaning experts that we have takes care of each and every requirement of clients and ensures that all the points specified by them are dealt with without any compromise. When we have experienced cleaners, we still try to assess the fields they specialize in before handing over the charge. In the case of the fresher, our experts hold an effective training session to make sure they become expert handlers soon. They ensure their safety as well as the safety of people all around the space they are cleaning. As a result, the quality of tools and the harmless cleaning products become a mandatory inclusion in the projects we take up.


While forming the venture, the only thing that Ms. Josephine Wang ensured was the 24/7-availability of the service as she knew that most of the commercial space owners are unable to opt for the cleaning facilities as they operate during the day hours and no cleaning service providers are available to serve during the nights. The flexible accessibility and availability of our cleaners is the reason that has made us come such a long way, thereby making us the most trustworthy cleaning brand in the town.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Expert handling is ensured
  • Quality is never compromised
  • Skilled and trained cleaners
  • Use of eco-friendly products
  • Our range of services
  • Flexible hours of working